Kendal R. Troutman

Founder/Executive director

Kendal R. Troutman is the owner of Mahogany Soul and the founder and Executive Director of Thru Guidance Ministries Inc.; a nonprofit organization committed to removing the barriers of poverty in underserved communities.  Native of South-Central Los Angeles, Kendal knows firsthand how the vicious cycle of poverty plagues people in distressed communities that lack the advantages and resources necessary to support their success.  Throughout her life, Kendal has been introduced to various mentors and programs that enabled her to “see past” the five-block radius of her own community.  As a result, she has become an ambassador for people living in underserved communities. 

Through her work with Thru Guidance Ministries, Inc., Kendal serves over 1,000 young people annually living in Rwanda, Haiti, Grenada, Louisiana and South LA.  Her programs provide spiritually enriching creative arts programs, a healthy meals program and an ethical entrepreneurship program with no cost to participants.  Additionally, through her international programs Kendal developed relationships with local artisans in Haiti, Rwanda, Grenada and Ghana.  As she started to understand some of the root causes of poverty she created Mahogany Soul.  A fair-trade retail store working towards ending poverty through job creation. Kendal works directly with over 95% of the artisans she works with assisting with product development, management, training and quality control.

Kendal decided very early in life that she wanted to become the change she so desperately wants to see in this world.  She also wants to give back everything everyone gave to her, an opportunity to succeed.

Kendal has a BA in Art & Fashion Design from California State University – Los Angeles, a MA in Cross Cultural Studies from Fuller Theological Seminary and an MBA from Grand Canyon University.  She currently lives in South Central Los Angeles with her daughter Amai.