Thru Guidance Ministries

ThruGuiDANCE is a volunteer-based international nonprofit 501(c)3 organization committed to destroying barriers of poverty and cycles of violence in underserved communities by sharing the love of God and His desire for us to 'love one another just as He has loved us' -John 15:12.

our concern

Children are our future, but not every child gets the advantages or resources necessary to ensure their success.  This is especially true for young people living in underserved communities.  Throughout the communities we serve, young people are living in poverty, food deserts, have subpar educational options, lack of artistic exposure and resources, and are faced with the vicious cycle of poverty.

our mission

Inspiring young people to love God, love self, and love each other through creative arts.

our vision

Our vision is to combat the problems in these communities by stimulating a loving environment where young people can have the courage to express themselves through Godly spiritual development, health & wellness awareness, artistic expression, community outreach, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, positive social engagement experiences, and actively participate in "loving God, self, and other people."